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Amazon Kindle DX Review

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The Quick Facts:

Weight: 18.9 oz (536 gr)
Display: 9.7 inches (24.6 cm)
Storage: 3.3 GB
Wireless: 3G (Global)
Battery: 2 weeks
Price: $489 Buy Now


Larger Screen - The big thing about the Kindle DX is, well, it's bigger - about 2 ½ times bigger than the Kindle 2, with a 9.7 inch (24.6 cm) screen. One of the biggest benefits this gives you is more content on the screen. In the case of books, this means you don't have to turn the page as often. For newspapers and magazines, it makes browsing and reading easier and more like their true formats.

Auto Rotate - Another feature, auto rotate, rotates the screen 90 degrees when you flip the Kindle DX on its side (from landscape to portrait mode). This can work well for viewing documents that work better in landscape, and in general it's a good feature to have. However, we don't feel this feature sets the DX apart from the Kindle 2 in any significant way.

PDF Support - One feature that does set it apart is its ability to read PDF documents without converting them. This, and the large screen are what makes the Kindle DX a better buy, in our opinion, than the Kindle 2. Most people we talked to that have used both said after using the 9.7 inch (24.6 cm) screen on the DX, they couldn't see themselves going back to the smaller 6 inch (15.24 cm) screen on the Kindle 2.


The design of the DX is very similar to the Kindle 2, excluding the larger screen size. Amazon, did however, leave off the page button on the left side (not really sure why they did this). Also, expect a smaller keyboard (to allow for bigger screen space).

The DX is as thin as the Kindle 2 (about as thin as a magazine), but is heaver at 18.9 oz (536 gr). However, it still fits nicely into a backpack or briefcase for portability.


As discussed above, the larger 9.7 inch (24.6 cm) display is the main differentiator between the DX and Kindle 2. Once you try it, you probably won't want to go back to a smaller display. Like the Kindle 2, the DX uses eInk display technology, so you can expect a crisp black-and-white (no color) display that is very similar to reading a regular book.

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