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The Quick Facts:

Weight: 10.2 oz (290 gr)
Display: 6 inches (15.24 cm)
Storage: 2 GB
Wireless: Sprint 3G (US only)
Battery: 2 weeks
Price: $259 Buy Now


Download Books Wirelessly - The Amazon Kindle 2 comes with many of the features one would expect - and is missing a few that should be standard. The Kindle 2's "killer app" is its ability to download books instantly from Amazon. This means you'd don't have to hook your Kindle up to a computer, it downloads books wirelessly right to the device. It's kind of like the iPod and iTunes - the two just go so well together, especially since Amazon has about 300,000 e-books available and is adding more every day.

You download these ebooks from the Kindle Store via cell phone networks (Updated October 2007 now works internationally). And the great part is this is free! You can also surf the Web, however, the Kindles controls are more for reading books, and surfing the Web can be painful at times.

Blogs, Magazines and Newspapers - Another great feature is the ability to subscribe to blogs, magazines and newspapers. Our view on ebook readers is that they aren't just for books, and the Kindle proves this. Once subscribed to different content services (for a fee), the Kindle 2 will download updated content automatically.

Lacks Multipule Format Support - The one big thing we don't like about the Kindle 2 is that it doesn't support other document formats natively. This means that if you want to open PDF, Microsoft DOC, HTML or TXT files, you need to send them to Amazon first to be converted.


The Kindle 2 has been redesigned from the original version and is much slimmer and just looks a heck of a lot better. Its navigation and page buttons were redesigned, and now provide an easier, quicker way to navigate through the Kindle via a "joystick" that gives you 5-way control. In addition, Amazon also redesigned the page buttons to keep them out of the way (prevents accidental page turning) and for easier page turning.

Weighing in at only 10.2 oz. (290 gr), the Kindle is lighter than most paperback books and as thin as most magazines. Amazon designed it to ergonomically fit in your hand and read for long-periods of time.


Like most other e-book readers on the market, Amazon's Kindle uses eInk technology for its 6 inch (15.24 cm) display. This provides for a crisp black-and-white (no color) display that is very similar to reading a regular book. The screen uses 16 shades of gray, which make viewing photos and images much clearer (helps with magazine and blog reading, as well as books with pictures).

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