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Why Not Buy an iPad for eBooks and Everything Else?

April 25, 2010 | Comments Off

eReaders VS iPad and iBooksOK, so I’m really sick of the eReader VS. iPad articles – and yet, here I am writing one myself. Why? Because for the first time yesterday I played with an iPad and an eReader at the same time. I love eReaders (and yes, they are for “reading”), but after playing with the iPad, I felt very underwhelmed by the NOOK and Sony Readers that Best Buy had stocked.

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Does The Future Of eBooks Include Multimedia?

April 20, 2010 | (1) Comments

Alice for the iPad Multimedia eBookBefore the printing press, printed materials were in short supply. Once Gutenberg invented the printing press, books for the population became commonplace – and not much has changed since then.

Until now…

We are in a pretty exciting time with eBooks available to the majority of readers. However, should eBooks keep the same-old-same-old of black and white text, or should they evolve as their digital medium allows?

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So What Is The Best eReader?

February 18, 2010 | Comments Off

Which eReader Is Best?This is a hard question – with all the choices of eReaders, and more coming every day, which one is the best?

You probably won’t like my answer.

Currently, I don’t have a choice for the best eReader – because I don’t think it’s been made yet. I am a fan of the Kindle DX and the newer Sony Touch Edition, but neither of those have what I’m looking for in an eReader.
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