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Does The Future Of eBooks Include Multimedia?

April 20, 2010 | (1) Comments

Alice for the iPad Multimedia eBookBefore the printing press, printed materials were in short supply. Once Gutenberg invented the printing press, books for the population became commonplace – and not much has changed since then.

Until now…

We are in a pretty exciting time with eBooks available to the majority of readers. However, should eBooks keep the same-old-same-old of black and white text, or should they evolve as their digital medium allows?

I, for one, would prefer the latter. eBooks could be so much more than just printed text on a screen. In comes Vook with a “why didn’t I think of that” head-slapping idea – integrate multimedia into eBooks and change the way you tell a story.

The Vook application combines videos, pictures and text, and allows you to connect to authors, friends and other readers via social media applications. This brings lots of possibilities and I think the social media aspect is particularly exciting.

Another very cool example of multimedia eBooks is the new Alice In Wonderland for the iPad (video) by iPhone and iPad app developer Atomic Antelope. This has been described as a “pop-up book for the 21st century” and you’ll see from the video, it does reinvent the way that books are experienced.

These are just a couple of first examples of using multimedia in eBooks, so just think of what the future has to hold. I can’t wait to see and experience these new eBooks for myself.

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