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Is The Google Tablet Real?

February 19, 2010 | Comments Off

Google TabletThere’s been a ton of rumors this month about the Google Tablet with prototype photos and even a video being released. All of this speculation has got people talking – especially after the not-so-great launch of the Apple iPad tablet.

So is this thing real? You bet it is – but it won’t be limited to a single device.

Google has been pushing its  Chrome Operating System (OS) for some time now. Chrome is set up to run on a variety of devices, especially mobile devices such as eReaders  and tablets.   Google will most likely take a similar approach to tablets as they did with their Android mobile phone OS by letting manufacturers install it on their devices for free.

Google is, in fact, already doing this on a variety of eReaders and tablet devices. For example, the Barnes & Noble Nook eReader runs the Android OS.

Will Google Develop Their Own Tablet?

This remains to be seen, but they did do it with their Nexus One mobile phone. This was after working with carriers and manufacturers to develop Android-based phones. Apparently Google felt they could do it better.

Now tablets are a little different than mobile phones, but some could have 3G provided by mobile carriers. If Google is successful selling the Nexus One to the public, they just might take this route for tablets.

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