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So What Is The Best eReader?

February 18, 2010 | Comments Off

Which eReader Is Best?This is a hard question – with all the choices of eReaders, and more coming every day, which one is the best?

You probably won’t like my answer.

Currently, I don’t have a choice for the best eReader – because I don’t think it’s been made yet. I am a fan of the Kindle DX and the newer Sony Touch Edition, but neither of those have what I’m looking for in an eReader.

Here’s what would make the best  eReader for me:

Color Screen – Yep, I like to read, but I also like to do other things. And if I’m spending $300+ for an eReader device, I want it to do other things too – like surf the Web, play videos, download apps, etc.  And all of these things are made much, much better with a color screen.

Color eReaders will be out in 2010, but it remains to be seen how good they will be. A requirement of mine is that the color eReader will have an eInk-type screen for reading, but also the ability to display color (this is something the color Apple iPad doesn’t have). However, companies such as Qualcomm and Pixel Qi are working on these types of screens, so they will be here soon.

Wireless 3G and WiFi – Wireless access is another huge “must have” for me. How will I surf the Web without it? I’d like an eReader with both 3G (like the Kindle) and WiFi, so I could connect at higher speeds when a WiFi access point is available. This should be standard in 2010, even the Kindle seems to be adding WiFi.

DRM-Free Formats – If there’s one thing I don’t like about eBooks, it’s that many of them are wrapped in DRM (Digital Rights Management). This usually means you can only use them on one device so if you want to transfer them to a different device in the future you’re out of luck. The standard format in the industry is ePub, but even that has bowed to the DRM insanity.

That’s about it – seems  like a pretty easy list. In fact, I predict that all of my requirements will be met in 2010 or 2011 except for the DRM thing. Oh well, it looks like publishing is taking the same path the music industry did with MP3’s. Best of luck on that one! For some related reading, check out this article on the top features to look for in an eBook reader.

What’s your requirements for the best eReader? Let us know in the comments below.

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