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The Benefits Stealing Digital Content

February 19, 2010 | Comments Off

Stop StealingJust like music and movie companies have done for years, eBook publishers are taking a stand on their content by trying to stop it from being pirated or shared. Broken record? Yep.

I understand why content producers are up-in-arms over the illegal distribution of their content. They put in a lot of work and money, and then they see it pirated on the Internet for free and their profits gone. Sites like the offer consumers the option to immediately download music, TV shows, movies, and yes, eBooks. These sites are easy-to-use, well-organized and free.

So are consumers downloading this content simply because it’s free? Some are – but others go the pirate route because of it’s benefits. Amazingly, it’s very hard to find a legal site like the, and my theory is that many more consumers would use a legal site if it was available.  Unfortunately, digital content producers have been so busy fighting piracy, that they haven’t looked at what their consumers really want – and they can find this by looking at online piracy sites.

The Benefits of Online Piracy Sites:

  • Everything is Available in One Place and Organized Well
  • Quick Downloads
  • No Digital Rights Management – Use the Content on any Device

Three simple benefits (and notice being “free” is not one of them). You’d think that the content producers could put together a site where they could both charge reasonable prices for their content and keep their customers from using piracy and breaking the law. However, instead of doing this they put ridiculous restrictions on companies like Netflix, making consumers angry and the pirate sites’ traffic increase.

Content producers – the ball is in your court!

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