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This page is our index of eReader reviews. Feel free to skim though to find the best eReader for your needs and click though to the full reviews once you get it narrowed down.

Amazon Kindle 2 (second generation)

Amazon Kindle 2

The Amazon Kindle is the granddaddy of all eBook readers - even though it wasn't the first eReader on the market, it's definitely the most well-known and most publicized. The fact that Amazon promotes the Kindle as the first thing on its homepage should tell you they are really, really invested in this technology.

The Kindle 2 is the second generation of the Kindle, so in our opinion, that's always a plus. The Kindle 2 is priced at $259 and comes with a six-inch reading screen, It weighs less than a paperback (10.2 ounces) and is about as thin as a magazine. Not bad for an industry changing device, huh?

The Kindle's killer app is the ability to download books instantly from Amazon, but this could also cause some trouble. If you'd like to learn more about the Kindle 2 and its 1500 book carrying capacity, click below to read our full review:

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Amazon Kindle DX (large screen)

Amazon Kindle DX

OK, on to Amazon's newest Kindle, the DX. What's the difference between the DX and the Kindle 2? It's all in the screen size - apparently Amazon was listening when someone said eReaders would be great for newspapers, magazines and textbooks.

So the Kindle DX came out at $489 with a 9.7 inch screen versus the Kindle 2's 6 inch screen. But all this extra size also brings extra bulk - The DX is a few inches larger and weighs more than its predecessor, but it reads better with a bigger font.

In addition, a big benefit is support for PDFs - which had to go though a conversion process on the Kindle 2. Another "big" thing about the DX is storage - 3500 books compared to its predecessor's 1500. Ready to read big? Then click below for our full review:

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Sony Reader PRS 700

Sony Reader PRS 700

The Sony Reader is Amazon's main competitor for the time being, and has a couple of pluses over the Kindle 2. Unlike the Kindle, it reads multiple file types. It also weighs a little less than the Kindle at 10 ounces.

The Sony Reader PRS 700's price tag is $349 and it has a 6 inch touch-screen display. Unlike the Kindle, the Sony Reader has a virtual on-screen keyboard and a built-in backlight for reading in dark environments. With its built in memory, the Sony Reader can hold 350 books - not as much as the Kindle 2, but plenty for most readers. If you need more, you can expand it with a Memory Stick.

Sony recently partnered with Google to provide 500,000 eBooks free of charge - so you can spend your money on the eReader, not the eBooks! Check out the full Sony Reader review by clicking below:

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iRex iLiad Book Edition Reader

iRex iLiad Book Edition

As of yet, the Kindle and Amazon's Kindle bookstore aren't available outside of the United States. This gives opportunities for companies like iRex to take the lead in the European market. iRex is attempting this with their iLiad.

The iRex iLiad Reader has some great points. First, a large 8.1 inch display with the highest resolution of all eBook readers. The iLiad has the ability to read several eBook or document formats, and it allows you to write notes directly on the screen and store them in a folder.

These great features come at a price - the iLiad Reader costs $599 from the iRex Web site. Also, the iLiad weighs in at 15.3 ounces, which is heavier than most other eReaders on the market.

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