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Sony Reader PRS 700 Review

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The Quick Facts:

Weight: 10.1 oz (286 gr)
Display: 6 inches (15.24 cm)
Storage: 512 MB (additional available via Memory Stick)
Wireless: None
Battery: 2 weeks
Price: $349 Buy Now


Touch Screen - One of the big differentiators of the Sony Reader PRS 700 it is its touch screen display. Its main competitor, the Amazon Kindle doesn't have a touch screen and all of the navigation is done via a keyboard and buttons. The Sony Reader doesn't have an external keyboard, but has a virtual one. Highlighting text or making annotations can be done with your finger or with the included stylist. Other available features include zooming in and out and resizing the text.

Lacks Storage and Wireless - The touch screen is where we feel the Sony Reader beats out the Kindle. However, the areas its lacking in are storage and wireless capabilities. The Sony Reader only has 512 MB of storage, which should hold around 350 books. You can expand the memory with a Sony Memory Stick, but for $350 you shouldn't have to.

The other lacking feature is wireless access. To get your books to the Sony Reader, you have to download them to your computer and then transfer them to the device.

Supports Many Formats - However, you can download many different books to the Sony Reader (unlike the Kindle's proprietary format). Sony's eBook Store (currently only available to the US and Canada) has thousands of titles available. In addition, Google made over 500,000 public domain books available on the Sony Reader for free.


Due to the touch screen and no buttons, the Sony Reader PRS 700 has a very clean feel to it. At 10.1 oz ((286 gr), it's lighter than many paperbacks. The design feels good in your hands and allows you to hold and read for long periods of time.


Like most other ebook readers, the 6 inch display uses eInk technology so text appears crisp just like you're reading a real book. The PRS 700 also has a built-in LED backlight. This is a really useful feature for reading in darker environments. Obviously, as mentioned above on of our favorite features of the display is its touch screen technology.

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