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Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS 600 Review

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The Quick Facts:

Weight: 10.1 oz (286 gr)
Display: 6 inches (15.24 cm)
Storage: 512 MB (additional available via Memory Stick)
Wireless: None
Battery: 2 weeks
Price: $269 Buy Now


Touch Screen and Stylus - If you're currently in the market and looking for a touch screen eReader, the Sony Reader Touch Edition (PRS-600) might be they right choice for you. The touch screen is an improvement over the PRS-700 model, flipping though pages faster and just plain looks better. In addition to the touch screen, the PRS-600 comes with a stylist for navigating and making notes.

Built In Notes/Annotation Application - This is a great feature that we wish all eBook readers had. The Sony Reader's notes application allows you to highlight text in an eBook and make a note. To write the note you can use the on-screen keyboard, or you can write it with the stylist. You can then view all of the notes for a particular book, or view a master notes list for all of your books. Click on a note and it takes you to the page where you took the note. This is one feature that separates eReaders and eBooks from traditional print books, and we think it will be standard on all eReaders soon.

Desktop Software - . Sony's eBook Library software comes with the PRS-600 and works to manage the device pretty well. The software is also your access point to the Sony eBook store and the thousands of free eBooks that Google made available. However, as good as the software is, it doesn't compare to the ability to download books wirelessly.

Lacks Storage and Wireless - Unfortunately, the PRS 600 lacks wireless access, so there's no downloading books like the Kindle. The eBook reader does come with good desktop software, however, which makes transferring books from your computer a snap.

Memory - The Sony PRS-600 comes with 512 MB of memory, which is about enough to hold 300 books. It pales in comparison to the Kindle's 2 GBs, but can be expanded up to 32 GB. Expansion options are though two memory card slots - one for Sony's Memory Stick and one for a SD card. We have to give props to Sony for including a SD card slot in addition to their Memory Stick slot.


The design of the Sony Reader Touch Edition really shines though - it's a sleek and sexy eReader. The body is made of aluminum with a rubber back. This combination makes it light (about 10 ounces), yet very easy to hold and read. It's an eReader you won't mind carrying with you on trips or your daily commute.


The PRS 600 has a 6 inch touch screen display with eInk technology. However, since it's a touch screen, it has an extra layer of glass which causes some glare on the screen. The screen is better than it's predecessor, the PRS 700, but it's still there and something you'd want to note before buying the device. Also note that there's not backlight in the Touch Edition, so you might want to think about investing in a book light if you read in low-light often.

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