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What Is An eBook Reader?

If you’re both a lover of books and a lover of gadgets, then an eBook reader is for you. An eBook reader, or eReader, is a portable reading device for books, magazines, newspapers and other documents.

The main benefits of eBook Readers over normal books are their portability and the ability to store hundreds of books in a device that’s as thin as a magazine. In addition, the most common eBook price has become $9.99 USD for new releases, which is much less than a newly released hardcover.


eBooks come in a variety of formats and many eReaders can read multiple formats. Some eReaders, however, only use one proprietary format, limiting the eBooks you can use on them.

eBook Stores

There are several eBook stores where you can download books for your e-Reader – most of the classics, as well as new releases and bestsellers are available. Amazon, Barns and Noble and ereader.com all have large eBook selctions. In addition, many eReaders come with free eBooks.


In addition, some e-Book readers have the ability to wirelessly download books in a few seconds. The Amazon Kindle’s killer feature is the ability to download books anywhere from their Kindle Store, however other e-readers are starting to use Wi-Fi and other wireless methods to download eBooks.

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